Dr Philistine CV (edited highlights)

1994 - Entrance TV/Video appearance. No.2 in UK charts
1996 - South Korea (6 week tour)
1998 - Stockholm Water Festival
1999 - London Tonight "What's Happening in London?"
2000 - Entertainment for the Irish prime minister in a Covent Garden venue
2002 - Bray Festival Ireland
2002 - Protour of World Cup
2003 - York Comedy Festival June
2003 - Bray Festival Ireland
2004 - Guernsey May Day Celebrations
2004 - Bray Festival Ireland
2005 - Earl's Court Festival (8-17th)
2005 - Bray Festival Ireland
2006 - Osaka Festival, Japan
2006 - Bray Festival Ireland
2007 - Covent Garden St Georges Day
2007 - Bray Festival Ireland
2008 - Covent Garden St Georges Day
2008 - Bray Festival Ireland
2010 - Cambria School for Refugee Children, Australia

Dr Philistine - Article Features

London Covent Garden Magazine - 3 times (pictures and articles)
London Covent Garden Guide at least twice (including cover)
London Evening Standard - Mad Machete Magic in Covent Garden
Japan Osaka Festival Guide 2006 - Featured as Special Guest

Testimonialsdr philistine rope walker

"Mad Machete Magic in Covent Garden"
- London Evening Standard

"I couldn't believe you got a great audience from nowhere!"
- at York Comedy Festival, June 2003

"I just wanted to write to thank you very much for taking part in our stage event for the launch of Christmas here at Covent Garden Market. Comments I have received during this last week would indicate that it was the best switch-on ever,and for sure, the great effort and enthusiasm you put into the evening contributed to this fantastic accolade. Yours sincerely Sue McAinsh"
- Covent Garden Centre Manager, Dec 2000

Dr Philistine to Dr John "I think I made their day"
Dr John's reply "No you changed their lives!"
- at the Cambria School for Refugee Children, Australia 2010